Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stop talking and Listen

I have yo-yoed with reading daily devotionals as of late; my reason, er excuse, being that I couldn't relate to each one after a while, they no longer related to me, etc.  Recently I found an online devotional called "Encouragement for Today".  It is geared towards women and based on Proverbs 31.  The testimonials are relatable and inspiring for me and I ENJOY reading them, the prayer that is provided and the meditation that follows.
The first "Encouragement" I read was about a week ago and it was about being silent.  It mentioned how so many times, day in and day out, we pray and talk to God yet so rarely do we listen.  At the end of teh testimonial there was a pledge-prayer.  I took this, stating that I would spend every day over the next month taking 5 minutes to LISTEN to God.  I still say my prayers at night, and multiple times during the day, but before I go to sleep I spend 5 minutes not talking and just listening to what God is telling me.  This has been so good for me.  I feel like I have had so many questions, issues, problems, faults (the list goes on) and I have spend so much time telling God about these that I haven't stopped and listened to His will. 
I feel that I have a better understanding of things; although I am still confused, and still need His guidance, and still have questions, I am starting to see the clarity, see His way, and know the answers. 
Take a moment and read an "Encouragement for Today".  You will be enlightened!