Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break - Part 1

Growing up spring break has always been a time to get rowdy with friends, go shopping, and take a break from massive school projects, tests, quizzes, etc. Not much has changed since my high school and college years, the only difference is that I enjoy Spring Break so much more. It is a much deserved break from nagging students, grading papers, and cleaning house. Although, I am in grad school (graduating in May) and still completing projects and my graduation portfolio during my break, I greatly enjoy sleeping in late, working out with my parents, drinking on the beach, playing tennis, and reading for pleasure. The first half of my spring break was spent at my parents house on one of the golf courses in Sea Trail. Nothing beats sitting on a screened in porch, drinking a beer, and watching golfers go by in the evening after spending all day on the beach. This first half was pretty tame, with the exception of some drunk college kids on the beach...too funny of a story not to tell. So here it is:
Mom and I arrive on Sunset Beach a little after 1. It is extremely crowded, so we mosey down the beach a little ways to find a less occupied area. We are enjoying conversation, people-watching, and mojitos and margaritas when a large group of kids (late teens and early twenties) come walking up and set up camp behind us. We begin deciding if these kids are old enough to drink and come to the conclusion that they must range from 18-22 and be in college. Mom glances over a little bit later and says, "What are those kids doing?!? They've poked a HOLE in their beer and are drinking it from the side??" I inform her that this is called Shotgunning a Beer, something all the the young kids are doing these days, and rednecks have been doing for years at the racetrack. One of the youngins must be new to the drinking craze or is just so skinny he can't handle all that he has consumed. The entire crowd on the beach watches and roars with laughter as this young man stumbles with his skim board to the shore. We all continue to watch and laugh as he tries without success to throw his skim board and land on it. He busts his rump about 4 times before deciding to quit and stumble back to his group of friends, but not before he throws his skim board on the sand and tries, without success, to land on it again. When he comes upon his group, he is congratulated for the success he didn't have and continues to struggle with gravity. He falls another 5 times, onto the sand, into the umbrella, onto the sand again, onto the cooler then the sand, and onto a girl who he spits-up on. Needless to say, a father of three calls the police who do not arrive before another family informs the group that cops are on the way and they need to disperse. It was a fun time had for all at the expense of a young college kid trying out alcohol, for what I would guess, the first time!