Saturday, October 23, 2010

Life's Lil' Changes

A few weeks ago, Shannon, Megan and I went to Asheville, NC for Girls Weekend.  Shannon and I arrived fairly early and while walking around downtown Asheville there was a group called Brother Wolf Animal Rescue set up on the sidewalk.  They were adverstising their new additions and asking for homes for these new kittens and puppies.  I fell in love instantly, started taking pictures and texting/calling Barrett to ask if we could get a puppy.
A puppy is something that Barrett and I have talked about for years, but have always talked ourselves out of getting one.  We would debate how much it would cost, how much it would destroy our house, and how much it would ultimately change our lives.  I called Barrett Saturday night after our last night on the town and his response was, "It's your decision."  So Shannon and I went to BWAR and looked at the puppy one more time took pictures and heading on our way back to Concord.  

After several in-depth discussions the following weekend, Barrett and I were on our way to Asheville to adopt the sweetest lil pup we could have ever asked for.  Barrett fell in love the second he met the little guy and we instantly had a name, Captain Swashbuckler Dabbs; he goes by Buckler!
We are so in love with this little guy; we thought we were going to spoil him to pieces, but we were wrong, he is spoiling us! :)

Dog Toys, Leash, and Treats - $120
Adoption Fee (including Neuter and shots) - $100
Dog Bed, Food, Tag, and More Treats - $130
Sweetest Lil' Puppy EVER - PRICELESS